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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Designer pick of the day- Marc Jacobs -Spring 2011 Accessories Collection

In Italian the best way to describe Marc Jacobs is "SEMPLICE STUPENDO". To me he embodies what a designer should be about; style; class; funk; wear ability; and all around chic.
His 2011 accessories collection are some of the best ive seen this season from his glasses, hats and shoes. Any of these pieces can be worn from spring to fall just adding a pair of gloves or tights and coat. This is what finding the right accessories to style your outfit is all about. His sunglasses this season are one of my favorites next to his heels. Comfort and style is what is most important and he manages to always give you both, but especially this season. If you are lucky enough to own a piece by Marc Jacobs you will know exactly how I feel at this very moment. This collection will make any woman feel sexy from head to toe, it is full of color and full of life. This collection can make a bad day seem like a thing of the past. Check it out and enjoy! some of the most saute after accessories this season.